The style of Shoreditch – Photography by Lilja Arnórsdóttir


Stan’s Story

In a small shop on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, you will come across a staff member by the name of Stan. He will without a doubt catch your attention in the entrance to the store through his mannequin like stance. Stan, who is in his 70s, works three days a week in this particular store but has been involved in mens fashion for the last 40 years, and his great sense of style can be seen perhaps as a result of this.

He lives in North West London, but chooses to work in Shoreditch due to his connection to the area. As a young man, he used to live there and has therefore seen how it has evolved into the up and coming area it is today. Stan, through his style and manners, gives a real sense of what Shoreditch has become both in terms of fashion, individual expression and boldness.

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